I’ve had flying in a seaplane on my bucket list for some time now and this week I finally had the opportunity to do it! Andy had a meeting with a virtual reality company in  San Francisco and we were planning on driving. It only takes 3hr 30 mins from Incline village, but we’ve heard horror stories about traffic during the summer due to people commuting from the bay area that could… Read More

Punta Rata Beach AKA Brela Beach If you’ve ever looked at pictures of the Makarska Riviera you’ve probably come across pictures of Brela Beach or formal known as Punta Rata Beach. This beach was so amazing that I skipped my 3rd day plans of a beach near Makarska and spent a second day here. So here’s everything you need to know Punta Rata is a very long stretch of beach located at the… Read More

I’ve visited Croatia about 5 times between 2011-2017 here are my top tips when visiting this gorgeous country! Getting There So here is the low-down on traveling to Croatia. In my experience traveling to Split is usually my most expensive flight of the year. This year it set me back $2,000 and that’s was with 3 connections! No matter where I travel from the flight is always pricy and you have to… Read More

For our third year wedding anniversary my Husband and I decided to do a road trip through the historic deep south. My past road trips always consist of national parks but we thought we would change it up and go on a more romantic, historic, food adventure and experience culture from some of the oldest cities in the US. We started from our home base in Miami and planned on visiting Savanna, Charleston, &… Read More

I never planned on coming to this market, it was more of a happy accident. As i walking out of Alcoholic Architecture (where you can get drunk by an alcoholic cloud) I stubbled straight into this place. Hundreds of food stalls of the best english treats you could ever hope for. My Husband and I grabbed some pies and ate them in the lovely indoor garden area which can be found at on the corner of Borough High… Read More

Want to make you love eternal in Seoul Korea? Take the Namsan Cable Car up to North Seoul Tower and make your love last forever by placing a lock scripted with your names and a message upon one of the gates overlooking the city.   unlike the famous bridge in Paris you don’t throw the key over the edge of the building (That would be dangerous). Instead, after locking-up couples can leave… Read More

Altria is derived from the Latin word ‘altus’ meaning high. Altria Hotel and Casino stands at a height of 160 meters with 38 floors making it the tallest Hotel in all of Macau. With breathtaking 270° panoramic views of the bay and city scape you will quickly fall in love with this 5 star hotel. Macau is known as the Las Vegas of China being famous for its casinos, entertainment and 5 star service. Surprisingly Macau Brings in seven times the gaming revenue… Read More

In the Center of Gangnam, on the slope of Sudo Mountain is the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple. Bongeunsa has a long history that goes back 1,200 years. I was staying at the intercontinental and this was walking distance located just around the block from my hotel. I was lucky enough to have visited on a Sunday morning while there was praying and chanting taking place which instantly put you into a state of calm and relaxation as… Read More

Animal Cafe’s seem to be a running theme in Seoul. Cat cafe’s & dog cafe’s are all the rage but I wanted to try something different, and once I heard there was a raccoon cafe I had to go! I’m a Florida girl so I grew up seeing raccoons all the time but they’re depicted as dirty and vicious and my mom always warned me to NEVER touch them. So finally after all of… Read More

Where Myth Meets Luxury…. Nestled into the lush hillside of Son Tra Mountain you will find a one of a kind luxury resort. From the moment you step out of your car you can feel you’ve finally made it to paradise. Walking into the grand open air lobby you instantly are surrounded by the sweet fragrance of the blooming plumeria trees. The friendly staff greet you with a refreshing welcome drink as your being checked… Read More

One thing Miami isn’t short of is Nightlife & good food, so I’ve combined that to bring you Miami’s top late night eats.   Gigi’s Open from 12pm-3am A late night spot serving up noodles, Barbecue, and beer. the chef puts a western spin on classic asian comfort dishes. It’s conveniently located in midtown so if you’ve been throwing back a few in Wynwwood this is the perfect spot to fuel up after a long… Read More

I feel like the “Tomorrow World Disaster” is being blown way out of portion. I attended the festival and have a similar story to others, except I’m not complaining about it. It’s called an adventure! Buy some rain boots get some exercise and calm down. Here is the story of my Tomorrow World Adventure. After Closing out the Main Stage with my group we walked through the mud and back to our car… Read More