The wave is located in The Valley Of fire State park 1 hour outside the las vegas strip. It’s a  1.25 miles loop trail through vast open landscape that leads to a beautiful sandstone formation referred to as “the wave” You’ve might of heard of the Wave located in Utah that’s far more hard and dangerous to get to. You actually have to apply for a permit to see it, but it’s so… Read More

Wake up and stretch it out starfish style in the in your enormous king size bed. Open up the blinds  and look out the window of your Private two-story Pavillion Surrounded by the Jungle, Wave hi to the monkeys! Dial 0 and order a golf cart pickup to breakfast. Within 5 minutes you will hear a knock on the door. Time to go! Hold on tight as you drive through paradise! Sit Where… Read More

Curacou is part of the Dutch Caribbean  which is made up of  six island countries that are located in the Caribbean north of the Venezuelan coast sometimes also referred to as the  Caribbean Netherlands. The most known island in the chain is Aruba. I came here for a music Festival called Paradise world which took place in Willemstad’s harbor with a beautiful back drop of the colorful Dutch architecture Curacou is most famous for. Luckily I got some free time and visited three… Read More

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of night clubs and beaches was this rustic gem. A traditional Ibiza finca located up in the hills on an almond farm. No address, just turn left at the white rock and drive up the dirt road. Watch the rabbits scurry in the field as you drive up the hill. When the smell of earth, pine, and rosemary fills your nose you know your home…. Read More

Lewis Carroll met the real-life Alice (above right photo) when he stayed at this house in Cheltenham Kings for four days in the 1860s. He was visiting his friend Henry Liddell and his three daughters, one called Alice. Upstairs the house still has the 6ft by 5ft mirror, which is said to have inspired Carroll to write Through the Looking Glass.  The Mirror has an elaborate border of branches and twigs, with figures of birds & animals…. Read More

  Visiting the Highest and Lowest points of America in the same day. Badwater Basin is located inside Death Valley National Park, and is noted as the lowest point in America with an elevation of 282 feet below sea level. Just 84 miles South West is Mount Whitney at a whopping height of 14,505 feet making it the highest summit in the contiguous United States. (not including Alaska or Hawaii) You can drive from Death… Read More

Alcoholic Architecture is a walk in cloud bar set on the site of an ancient monastery smack in the middle of London. So how does this cloud get you drunk? They vaporize gin and tonic turning it into an amazing breathable cloud. How drunk can you get? Being in the cloud for an hour is equal to about 1 cocktail, but don’t worry there is also a bar, and you will never… Read More

The Great Wall Mutianyu Mutianyu is the least crowded area of the great wall. The 2.5 kilometer stretch of Wall allows you to walk for more than an hour as you explore 22 watchtowers and the valley on both sides of the Wall. I took an Uber here from my hotel, it took two hours and was only $30.00. If you don’t know what Uber is you defiantly should give it a try… Read More

I feel like the “Tomorrow World Disaster” is being blown way out of portion. I attended the festival and have a similar story to others, except I’m not complaining about it. It’s called an adventure! Buy some rain boots get some exercise and calm down. Here is the story of my Tomorrow World Adventure. After Closing out the Main Stage with my group we walked through the mud and back to our car… Read More

I couldn’t help but being attracted to the color blue while in Morocco. Walking through Rues de la Kasbah des Oudayas (the old town in Rabat) the walls are all covered in blue and  I wondered why? Most say it’s to keep away mosquitos or flies, but to find the real reason you will have to go back thousands of years to the myth of the evil eye. Around 1471 Chefchaouen, Morocco became known as… Read More

This island is a very special place for my husband and I. We lived here together for 4 years between 2009-2012. He was able to show me parts of the island that others will never know. I’m going to share with you all the places I hold near and dear! Tropicana Tropicana is my all time favorite beach bar on the island. It’s located on Cala Jondal Beach down the street from blue marlin…. Read More

I was walking through London in 2013 doing some visa paperwork when my husband and I stumbled upon this underground cafe. We were starving and had no idea that we were about to walk into a restored Victorian underground bathroom built in the 1890. The toilet was abandoned for over fifty years until being turned into The Attendant cafe. The original porcelain urinals have been turned into a long communal seating area that gives each… Read More

Ultra Europe is a destination festival which means it’s not so much for locals but for those who live all over Europe or are traveling through Europe for the summer. The festival takes place in split, Croatia for three days then continues on to the island of Hvar for ULTRA beach. I love the diversity of the crowd that comes here you will find groups from all corners of the earth; Singapore,… Read More

This is the best sand bar I’ve ever been to, and none of these pictures will do it justice. I’ve added an aerial view in the photo above, so you can imagine what it’s like when you’re below. Make sure to read the depth charts carefully before going into the sandbar, or you can get stuck easily like me! There’s a deep edge that looks like a river hugging the back of… Read More

We came here to go swimming with the famous pet sharks. I was pretty scared to get into the water but then a large tour came and about 10 people got in the water with the sharks. I watched for a while before deeming it safe enough to go in. I gathered my courage and took the plunge into the blue. Dot forget that these are real sharks with real teeth, and they… Read More