Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul Korea

In the Center of Gangnam, on the slope of Sudo Mountain is the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple. Bongeunsa has a long history that goes back 1,200 years. I was staying at the intercontinental and this was walking distance located just around the block from my hotel. I was lucky enough to have visited on a Sunday morning while there was praying and chanting taking place which instantly put you into a state of calm and relaxation as if time was standing still. The Temple was beautifully spread out over gardens and pathways that led to 12 different pavilions and statues to explore with a contrasting city scape in the distance. If your planning a trip to Seoul defiantly add this temple to your list.  Bongeunsa lanternsBongeunsa Temple2Bongeunsa Temple3    Bongeunsa Temple Seoul Korea8 Bongeunsa Temple Seoul Korea5 Bongeunsa Temple Seoul Korea 6 Bongeunsa Temple Seoul Korea7


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