Highs & Lows


Visiting the Highest and Lowest points of America in the same day.

Badwater Basin is located inside Death Valley National Park, and is noted as the lowest point in America with an elevation of 282 feet below sea level. Just 84 miles South West is Mount Whitney at a whopping height of 14,505 feet making it the highest summit in the contiguous United States. (not including Alaska or Hawaii) You can drive from Death Valley to Loan Pine California in about an 1hr 30min on highway CA 190 taking in beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountain chain.

I loved how drastic the scenery change was for two places that are so close together. From the deserts rolling sand dunes, colorful blends of minerals, sediments, and volcanic materials to then being on the top of a mountain with snow surrounded by giant pines an hour later was a bit mind blowing. If you enjoy scenic drives this is defiantly one to add to your bucket list.

IMG_2145 DSC03408IMG_2160

IMG_2158IMG_2153DSC03508 DSC03514 DSC03527

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