Underground Victorian toilet turned caffe, London

I was walking through London in 2013 doing some visa paperwork when my husband and I stumbled upon this underground cafe. We were starving and had no idea that we were about to walk into a restored Victorian underground bathroom built in the 1890. The toilet was abandoned for over fifty years until being turned into The Attendant cafe. The original porcelain urinals have been turned into a long communal seating area that gives each individual their own nook to enjoy a cup of tea. They also kept the original attendant office & window which is now turned into a small kitchen. The cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. They whip up some pretty amazing sandwiches.

Address: 27a Foley Street, London W1W 6DY

2014040410385974649IMG_5131 IMG_5133

One Comment on “Underground Victorian toilet turned caffe, London

  1. There is also a toilet block in the New Forest that was converted into an Ice Cream Parlour – it would put me off really. But just love the photos you took of the one in London


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