Ultra Europe

Ultra Europe is a destination festival which means it’s not so much for locals but for those who live all over Europe or are traveling through Europe for the summer. The festival takes place in split, Croatia for three days then continues on to the island of Hvar for ULTRA beach. I love the diversity of the crowd that comes here you will find groups from all corners of the earth; Singapore, south africa, australia, Canada, brazil, & america! It’s a great place to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime! Check out our tour movie from 2013 below

The first year I came here we stayed at le meridien hotel which was so beautiful right on the sea and had a very convenient breakfast buffet every morning when we came back from the festival.IMG_1308 IMG_1301IMG_1337

If staying out at sea is more your speed check out this company called the The Yatch week  The ultimate route for sun-seeking festival goers! Share a cabin with a friend or if you’re a group of 10 you can rent the whole boat at a very decent price!

The festival takes place in Poljud Stadium which is a 10 minute drive from the center of town or a 30min walk. When you first enter the festival you imidiatly look up at this beautiful curved roof that provides really nice shade during the day and at night they set off the most amazing rig of fireworks from! all around the outside of the stadium there are vendors set up selling food & beverage.IMG_1294


Behind the Main Stage is the Carl Cox & friends tent which has really good underground & tech music. In 2013 there was a really amazing moment when Carl & Luchiano where playing back to back and we did the Kryoman show and the whole crowd went completely mental! It’s moments like that where i really enjoy working in the music industry. Most people don’t know this but the Kryoman show was actually invented for Carl Cox Tuesday nights at Space Ibiza back in 2005 so shows with him are always my favorite and the most epic!


 Captured by ultras photographers Rukes & Rudgr getting ready backstage to go on with Laidback Luke to his new track he just remixed for Kryoman called Loaded (LISTEN TO IT HERE). We also made theses really cool led outfits for the ultra angels and they came out at the sam time putting on a really great show.


I never really get home sick when were on tour and that because most of my friends are scattered around the globe, but its really nice when we all get together for special events like this! Working with ultra is really like being apart of a huge family that keeps growing every year as they add new events worldwide. Heres a great shot of us closing down the festival sunday morning with Ultra fam from Miami, Korea, Japan, Europe, and south Africa!

Check out the rest of my trip island hopping around Hvar here!




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