Pipe Creek Sandbar, Exuma

This is the best sand bar I’ve ever been to, and none of these pictures will do it justice. I’ve added an aerial view in the photo above, so you can imagine what it’s like when you’re below. Make sure to read the depth charts carefully before going into the sandbar, or you can get stuck easily like me! There’s a deep edge that looks like a river hugging the back of the sandbar, this is where you can park your boat.



The color of the water here is the most beatufuil shade of turquoise I’ve ever seen! There is a sea Turtle sanctuary near by so If you’re on jet skis you can go into the center and spot a turtle or two. 

DSC00351 DSC00349

 Exuma has really dramatic tide changes so this sand bar docent start to emerge until around noon.


Not a single soul in sight, we had the place to ourselves. It’s everything your desert island dreams are made of!

DSC00346  DSC00338

 Fun fact Exuma has 365 islands to explore! One for each day of the year!280100_457194910987277_1106101418_o

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