Compass Cay, Exuma

We came here to go swimming with the famous pet sharks. I was pretty scared to get into the water but then a large tour came and about 10 people got in the water with the sharks. I watched for a while before deeming it safe enough to go in. I gathered my courage and took the plunge into the blue.


Dot forget that these are real sharks with real teeth, and they could bite so if someone is feeding them on the dock wait until they’re done before getting in the water, also make sure your hands don’t smell like anything a shark would want to eat.DSC00255DSC00260

They were surprisingly calm and seemed interested in people. As they swim by some them will brush up against you, their skin feels like rough sandpaper.   DSC00254   DSC00778

The tide change in exuma is pretty amazing if you come here in the morning the whole dock is submerged under water and the sharks like to rest on top of it. When i came up to the steps they all sat at my feet like puppy dogs waiting to be fed, it was pretty weird… i fed them some deli meat i bought at the marina shop, and after seeing their teeth i was so intimidated i couldn’t go in for a second swim!

DSC00786 DSC00265

 A great place to visit during lunch time, they grill up a good burger or you could buy some fresh lobster to cook for dinner. Join up this excursion with Rachel’s Bubble Bath they’re right next to each other.

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