The coolest airport you never knew existed

I came here in 2014 while on tour in china with my husband. Shenzhen is known for two things, the production of LED, and selling second-hand cell phones. If you’ve ever had your iPhone stolen or lost it most likely ended up here!


 The Terminal 3 Building at Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport was designed by Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas. It took a building time of only 3 years with a budget of  $1 Billion. Shenzhen-International-Airport-15

Walking in you immediately feel as if you entered a pristine all white beehive. The honeycomb shapes appear on the ceiling as natural light shines through them reflecting the same pattern onto the white floor. The air-conditioning vents are T shaped, sprouting out of the ground looking like some sci-fi version of a tree.

IMG_6877studio-fuksas-bao-an-international-airport-shenzhen-china-designboom-1652e98d83e8e44ed6d60000c1_shenzhen-bao-an-international-airport-studio-fuksas_-_archivio_fuksas_dsc0089-1000x664 9235cb61dc8004fb075c5ab6175af684

 I loved the Idea that the whole airport is like a hive because airports are a busy place. It seemed as if the travelers we’re all apart of the architectural design, acting as the busy bee’s inside. 

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