Sister Springs, Florida

The best place to see manatees!

Hidden in a fairy like cove is Three Sister Springs. In the winter months manatees flock from kings bay into these coves for warmth. The highest count they’ve ever recorded in a day was 200! They like to sleep here so there is very strict rules about disturbing them. You can visit this area three ways, in the water, above the water, or by viewing deck. 1555508_10151826414956555_1857487553_n  Don’t waste your time with the viewing deck you can’t really see anything. They just look like big rocks in the water and its over crowded, but the board walk surrounding the spring is a pleasurable walking path. d-1lrg  If your a Floridan and scared of cold weather and water like me then choose kayaking you can stay dry and bundled, but still get up close to see theses beautiful genteel giants!o-3lrg

If that’s still not close enough for just $54.00 you can embark on the most amazing in water experience to swim with the manatees! All gear is included, mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit. they have different price options for heated and unheated boats that take you to the cove. You can get all the info HERE! Remember, no matter what the outside temperature is all florida springs stay at a consistently at 72 degrees year round!


Happy swimming!


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