Rainbow River, Florida

 Rainbow spring state park is made up of numerous spring vents that issue 400 – 600 million gallons of crystalline water every day! rent a kayak and explore the rivers crystal clear turquoise waters. You can also go snorkeling or even diving year round in the 72 degree water.


The currents are so strong it does most of the paddling for you, or if you’re in the water you can just drift down stream exploring fish and seagrass. One thing I have to mention is I saw two alligators on the river. Not where people where swimming, but it was still enough to discouraged me from jumping in.

Swampy’s Bar & Grill

At the end of this two-hour kayaking trip is this gem where you can eat fried alligator! hey don’t knock it until you try it! Reward all your hard work with a locally brewed beer. Sit back, and take in the beauty.


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