Dumbo New York

The Brooklyn bridge & stunning side streets.

The best way to get to Dumbo is walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. The cable system on this bridge makes the most beautiful geometric patterns!  Best time to do this in spring. Dumbo also has some amazing side streets. My favorite is one in which you can see the Manhattan bridge and the empire state building in its arch. This is hands down my favorite are of New York, so much so I had my sister take my engagement photos here.

Jane’s Carousel

is in a glass enclosure so its perfect to ride any time of year. It was designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The carousel itself was crafted in 1922 and the restored before finding its permanent home in Dumbo. Tickets are $2.00

Jacques Torres Chocolate

66 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY. My sister and I always come here and get the frozen hot chocolate. Its to die for!

Luke’s Lobster Rolls

Under the Brooklyn bridge there is this little treasure. Lobster rolls filled with fleshy yummy white lobster meat. This place can be a little tricky to find but there is signage that will help point you in the right direction. They’re nestled away in the back of the same building as the No 7 Sub.  Luke’s is closed for the winter and re opens in spring.

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