Swimming with the pigs, Exuma

Big Major Cay aka Pig Island

Probably the most known island is Exuma is Big Major Cay aka Pig Island. This tiny island has been getting lots of attention on the internet this past year and being added to bucket list around the world all for one reason… the swimming pigs! They say the pigs were either placed on the island by a local for farming or there’s another story that they were in a ship wreck and swam ashore to big Major and now reside there.

These are by far the cleanest pigs I’ve ever seen! Pigs don’t sweat naturally so that’s why they usually roll around in the mud to cool their body temperature down but these pigs have the ocean so they love to go in the water constantly.

Bring a bag of scraps when you visit, usually if you have a bite to eat at stainel they will bag sum up for you. As soon as the pigs hear a boat, they come running out of the bushes and swim into the water. They know the food is coming. I didn’t feed them out of my hand I just tossed them the food. the older pigs are huge and a little scary to someone my size. I mostly played with the baby pigs and they were absolutely adorable. You can pet them but be respectful that they are wild animals, they can bite or kick you. I jumped in the water and swam with them but not while feeding them. Usually if you hold your hands up flat in a stop motion they know this means you have no food, which made me feel more comfortable to get in the water.

pig-island-bahamas-wcth07DSC00210 DSC00227 DSC00222 DSC00217 DSC00212 DSC00316 DSC00310DSC00318 DSC00795DSC00796

2 Comments on “Swimming with the pigs, Exuma

  1. This looks just so amazing. The pigs are so cute! Something I’m wishing to do for a long tiem 🙂


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