Hat Tham Phra Nang, Princess Beach


has three beaches surrounding the resort one of which is Hat Tham Phra Nang (Holy Princess Beach). I would come here during sunset & dinner time. Theres so Much to do & explore. Late in the day when the tide is low you can walk over to Happy Island. It looks like a single landmass from the front but if you walk around you will find a second enormous limestone cliff. Just so you can get the scale of how massive these rock formations are below is a picture of the two rocks on happy island. My husband is actually standing in the picture and in comparison looks like an ant.

DSC00588 DSC00580


The Cave Restaurant

My favorite place to watch the Sun go down. Sit outside the cave along the beach. Order some cocktails and watch the sun go down before dinner. The cave only fits about 6 tables inside so make a reservation if you would like to dine at one. We ordered the set menu, which came with more than enough food for two.  Perfect for couples, very Romantic. Make sure to wear bug spray.



Happy Island Sunset

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