Island Secrets. Ibiza

 These are Ibiza’s best kept secrets. I won’t tell you where they’re located or how to get there because that’s half the fun.

Fisherman’s Cave

If you’ve ever heard someone say rave in cave this is probably where it happened. They don’t do parties in here anymore because the roof started falling in and really loud rave music doesnt help with that. I would come here with my dog Duke and go swimming all the time. I know… he’s super adorable.


It’s a hike to get down here so bring the correct shoes & water, but it’s worth it. When you get to the bottom they’re tide pools where you can go for a swim. The reason why the rocks look so crazy is because they were harvested to build on the island.

Es Vedera

Es Vedra is the 3rd most magnetic rock in the world. This is where people say ibiza gets its magic from. Some believe its a portal to other dimensions. Come here at sunset. Bring bug spray!


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