Customized Vacations

Customized Vacations

Are you ready for the trip of a lifetime? Touring & Exploring is now offering customized vacation planning. Dreaming of an incredible destination, but don’t know where to begin? Get a one-of-a kind trip based around your personal interest that’s filled with unique experiences from start to finish curated by a bonafide world traveling GURU!


Juan 31 traveling with girlfriend to Ibiza“Nothings worse than having to plan a vacation and feeling you’re not planning it right and going to miss out. Today I had touring and exploring plan my trip and couldn’t be happier. In a matter of minutes I had a professional itinerary that I could confidently rely on. Can’t emphasize enough how great and useful her customized vacation plan was for my upcoming travel. She just asked for simple questions and then came up with a worry-free plan that would guarantee I would get the best from the places We were visiting.

Danielle 24 traveling solo to MoroccoNever have I had someone suggest places to visit for my vacation … that’s what Google is for. Then I had a free week to spend near Spain and I was lost because there were too many options. Do i stay in Spain ? do I stay in Europe? can I travel alone? This is where Carly came in. She was basically a native and had my trip planned from the moment my plane hit the tarmac. I didn’t even know where morocco was, traveling alone to this newly learned country was going to be another challenge. They speak a completely different language, dress in non revealing clothes and have a different way of living–all these topics are essential to know before going and I would have had no idea if it wasn’t for Carly. She led me with my blind eyes to plan my trip with a personalized thought out itinerary. I would have been clueless and lost with the overwhelming options. Carly is an intelligent girl who seriously travels the world on a weekly basis. She’s can give you all sorts of options depending on what you’re traveling for. I am never taking a trip without one of her itineraries again, even if it’s to a city I’ve been to.”