Hello world! Welcome to Touring and Exploring.

I’m Carly, a fourth generation born & raised Miami-an. So how did I get here? I didn’t always know I wanted to travel the world, but I have been a frequent flyer since childhood. My Grandparents and parents all worked in aviation, so I grew up with mega flying privileges. I didn’t venture outside the U.S. much until I was 18 and took my first trip to Ibiza, Spain to meet up with my boyfriend (now husband). When I was 19 I moved to Ibiza, and that’s when I really began to travel. From 2009-2012 my husband and I started touring with David Guetta (who is a pretty famous DJ in the EDM world) and that’s where my world travels began. We toured almost all of Europe those summers, and some of the countries I’ve been to I cant even remember because we were changing cities everyday, sometimes three or four times a day. The whole thing was a blur really. In 2013 I got engaged, graduated from university, put some roots down in Miami and we bought a home.

I soon realized that traveling for work wasn’t going to last forever, so I better start making the most of it while I still can. I began planning side trips around our tour, became really good at logistical planning, and finding off the beaten path adventures. I swore I would never forget where I traveled to again, and that’s how touring and exploring came to life!

My Husband is now on his own tour called Kryoman Live, and I travel with him everywhere as his Production/ Tour manager. Our tour schedule is much more mild these days, but I like it that way. I really get to appreciate and immerse myself in every trip.

Education Background

I started to take an interest in the hospitality industry at age 14 when I joined the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism (AOHT). I graduated from AOHT in 2007 and completed my BA in Hospitality Management with a Minor In Beverage Management from FIU in 2013. Whats a minor in Beverage Management? It basically means I know a lot about Wine and Spirits! I never dropped out of school or took time off from it while I was traveling. I completed my Degree while continuing to be on tour. I think education is important and encourage you all to keep studying while fulfilling your wanderlust!

Touring and Exploring was created in 2013 to share experiences, and travel tips with like minded travelers and explorers. If you have any question, comments or just want to say hi E-mail Touringandexploring@gmail.com