Seaplane From Tahoe – San Francisco

I’ve had flying in a seaplane on my bucket list for some time now and this week I finally had the opportunity to do it! Andy had a meeting with a virtual reality company in  San Francisco and we were planning on driving. It only takes 3hr 30 mins from Incline village, but we’ve heard horror stories about traffic during the summer due to people commuting from the bay area that could take up to 8hrs! I thought no, there must be a better way!

With a bit of searching on Google I found the most amazing app called blackbird that services short flights to a couple of different areas on the east and west coast. I quickly booked our flights when I found out the flight from Tahoe was on a Seaplane!

We met a representative near the Tahoe City Visitor Center that took us on a dingy straight to the plane. There were two other passengers on our flight, both had vacation homes on the west shore and were using blackbird to commute.

The plane held 7 passengers and you communicate inflight through theses super cute headsets which really adds to the ambiance of the whole trip. The flight was about 1hr and 15mins total and landed in the bay of Sausalito (the other side of the golden gate bridge) We had 1hr for a lunch meeting at barrel house tavern that was just down the street from the seaplane port. After our meeting we hopped back on the plane and returned home to Tahoe!

I highly recommend this to anyone who is Commuting from the bay area to Tahoe, it’s a great alternative & adventure. This is also the perfect service for vacationers looking to do an overnight trip, or just wanting to fly on a seaplane!

You Can download the app here! Use Code 7SV3R to get $25.00 off your first flight! You can also book on their website Flights start as low as $124.00

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