A Guide To Croatia

I’ve visited Croatia about 5 times between 2011-2017. Here are my top tips when visiting this gorgeous Country!
Getting There

The low-down on traveling to Croatia- In my experience traveling to Split is usually my most expensive flight of the year. This year it set me back $2,000 and that was with 3 connections! No matter where I travel from the flight is always pricy and you have to make a minimum of 3 connections to get a decent price.  From Miami 3 connections, from LA 3 connections, even traveling in Europe from Ibiza 3 connections. THERE IS A SILVER LINING… here is my advice; if you can get yourself to an airport in the UK they have direct flights at really cheap prices. Avoid flying into LHR because the airport taxes really drive up the ticket prices and then connect onto Split!

Where to Stay

My second piece of advice is steer clear of staying in Hotels. Every Hotel in every town I came across the rooms ran an average of 250 Euros a night. Also the star ratting scale is not the same as the US. A 5 star hotel in Europe is usually equal to a 3 – 3/12 star hotel in the States. What you would be paying for really is not worth the money. What should you do instead? Stay in an Airbnb! Airbnb’s throughout Europe are the best! You can always find a beautiful place for under $100 a night and they don’t hike up the cleaning and service fees like they do in America so even if you’re only staying one night you’re still getting a great deal that is fair!

The Currency

Croatia has their own Currency separate from the EU called Kuna. 1 Kuna is roughly 15¢  so 100 Kuna is $15.00. Anything that has to do with tourism in Croatia during season is going to be Double what it normally is, but the food is very affordable. I shopped at local grocery stores along the Riviera and it was super cheep. For a freshly baked loaf of bread, a carton of eggs, and two nectarines it cost me 36 Kuna Which is only $5.72.  I pulled out all the money I needed for my trip at a cash point so I wouldn’t keep getting hit with foreign transition fees on my card but also because hardly anyone accepts credit cards outside of hotels. Most things are cash only.

Getting around

So now that its 2017 and Uber exist I find it to always be the most affordable option to get around anywhere, and in Croatia they have Uber Boat! In my duration of staying in Split I used Uber, but when i set off on a road trip up the coast I rented a car for 3 days which was $78.00 without insurance. If you are going to rent a car I suggest to rent the smallest car possible because some roads can get really REALLY tiny and having a smaller car means it’s always easier to find parking!

The Food

I love Croatia because the things I cherish most in the culinary world Croatia does the best! here are some must-haves when you visit

  • Any seafood but specifically the oysters
  • Dry-cured ham
  • Olive oil
  • Wine
  • Pag Cheese
Island Hopping

In 2014 we pre-arranged with a boating company in Hvar to take us island hopping around Dalmatia You can read more about that here! We paid 500 Euros for the whole trip, not to bad of a deal at the time for a private charter with a Skipper but I think now that Uber Boat is around it’s more competitive and therefore cheaper priced. whatever you do don’t miss visiting the Blue Cave!

Road Tripping

Dalmatia isn’t all Island hopping. My favorite trip had to be driving the coast of the Makarska Riviera and it’s not as far as you would think. It only take 1hr to drive from Split to the first town in the Rivera Which is my personal favorite Brela! What is the Makarska Riviera? It’s basically the French Riviera of Croatia and it’s just as good or in my opinion better. You can read more about it here!

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