Road Trippin Through The Deep South

For our third year wedding anniversary my Husband and I decided to do a road trip through the historic deep south. My past road trips always consist of national parks but we thought we would change it up and go on a more romantic, historic, food adventure and experience culture from some of the oldest cities in the US. We started from our home base in Miami and planned on visiting Savanna, Charleston, & St. Augustine in 4 days and 3nights.

Our first drive was the hardest. A long seven hour journey from Miami to Savannah. We arrived at night checked in and went straight out to dinner on river street. We settled in at Huey’s which is known for their southern cuisine and famous beignets. We split the shrimp in warm butter sauce that came accompanied with a crisp baguette perfect for soaking up all the saucy goodness. Next we split our first ever bowl of gumbo served over rice. It was everything I hoped for we quickly gobbled the whole thing. We passed on the beignets and decided to head down the cobble stoned road to River Street Treats.

I tired to contain myself as I looked over all the hand made deserts twinkling behind the shiny glass.. so many to choose from its hard to pick only one thing. I’m a huge salt water taffy fan and its hand pulled and made in shop here so obviously I grabbed some of that. My husband immediately went in for some chocolate truffles and then we came upon the dark chocolate sea salt bear claw… OMG it was so good you guys! but you have to dig a sweet and salty combo in order to appreciate these. It was the perfect amount of nuts chocolate and caramel. The flaked sea salt will keep you coming back for more and more… and more! highly recommend!

The next morning we woke up early  and were on our way to explore the city. Our first stop was savannah coffee roasters. They roast all their coffee in house and the owner was kind enough to give us a tour. He orders coffee from all around the world that come in very decretive burlap bags and when the coffee inside them is used they offer them for sale for only $8.00 I picked one from Java Indonesia and I cant wait to frame it and add to my wall of travel jewels.

This place was a couple blocks away from Forsyth Park so we walked around saw the fountain and admired the historic houses that surrounded the park. Looking at all the old architecture was probably my favorite thing about Savannah.


I loved the layout of the city. All the tiny square parks surrounded by picture perfect houses each with their own individual personality and characteristics. On one of the squares we spotted a cool antique shop that seemed as if it was suspended in time. The shop was 4 stories of what looked like a lifetime collection of historic home goods. It was a little spooky, but in a fun way. It’s located on 441 Bull St


Our last stop in Savanna was Wormsloe Plantation. A cocoon of oak trees line a 1 mile path that takes you to the state park. It’s pretty funny how the name sounds so similar to worm whole because thats exactly what it feels like as you drive down the dirt lane.

Down the worm hole ?

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From there we started our two hour drive onto Charleston.  About half way their we came across the cutest cider shop (all non alcoholic) called Carolina Cherry Company. They sold pies, jams, and some pickled products. I opted for the blackberry cider perfect amount of sweet a sour.


We arrived in Charleston around 4, checked into our hotel and got ready really fast because our anniversary dinner reservation was set for 5:45 at Husk. I loved this restaurant! The menu here changes daily. They were nice enough to print happy anniversary on our menus and gave us a complementary round of cider (alcoholic this time) Our table had a really nice view of the kitchen. My husband and I felt like we were in an episode of chefs table as the beautiful plates of art started being delivered to the table. For fine dining this restaurant was very moderately priced our bill was under $150.00 for two people and two rounds of cocktails. In Miami this would have easily come out to $250. So we were very pleasantly surprised.

Our Hotel In Charleston

The next day we drove into town and went to Cali’s Hot Little Biscuit! Adorable little shop with also a daily changing menu that they keep on a scroll of brown packaging paper. I opted for the egg bacon and cheese and my husband got the fried chicken. We quickly devoured our biscuits and headed into the center of the historic district to check out rainbow row.

I loved how the whole city still had gas lamps that stay lit 24/7. It really added a romantic charm to the place. We went for a stroll down the sea wall to check out some more historical homes (my favorite thing to do) and then journeyed on to our final destination in Charleston. Angel Oak.

Angel oak is a 400 year old oak tree which kind of reminded me of grandmother willow from Pocahontas. It has a life expectancy of 900 years since its so highly maintained and looked after. We were in complete awe of this historic giant.

From Angel Oak we started our 4hr journey down to St. Augustine the oldest city in America. The Spanish first settled here in 1565 but the city was actually first discovered in 1521 when Ponce de Leon journeyed across the pacific in search of the sacred spring called the fountain of youth. This spring was said to extend human life and turn back the hands of time if one were to drink it. Ponce de Leon never found it but it is actually located in st. augustine and you can visit as well as drink from the spring today. We got into St. Augustine around sunset and stayed over near the light house right across the street from the beach.  At nightfall we headed over the bridge into town and had dinner at the best bbq restaurant called Mojo’s right across the street from a spooky grave yard that apparently was apart of a popular ghost tour so there was lots of people watching available from the deck outside.

The next morning we awoke early and headed straight to the light house. The weather was perfectly sunny with a crisp cool breeze. We beat the crowds and were lucky to be only one of the few people on site. There were two groups of woman who use the stairs of the light house as their work out for the day. They climbed up at least three times while we were there. God bless them because I could barley make it up the one time! The floors were a whimsical black and white checkered pattern that led to a beautiful black cast iron staircase that wound all the way to the top of the light houses viewing deck. Even the views from the lookout windows were breathtaking as you circled your way up. When we reached the top we were gifted with 360 degree view of the sea and city of St. Augustine easily my favorite part of our whole trip!

We headed into town for breakfast at yet another biscuit company. I know, I was obsessed! Maple Street Biscuit was located a couple doors down from Mojo BBQ. I qued in a line that went far out the door which is always a good sign. When we finally made it to the cashier we settled on the sticky maple, and the Reinhold accompanied by two maple cappuccinos. Instead of asking for your name to keep track of your order they ask for the name of your auto biography. Mine was obviously Robots since being married to Kryoman and all. We anxiously awaited our order to be called and when they yelled robots we were not disappointed! Look at the deliciousness people! Seriously I still dream about this, a definite must if you visit St. Augustine.

After breakfast we walked though the historical little village and again I quite enjoyed looking at all of the quaint little homes and historical buildings that dated back all the way to the 1500’s. What was most interesting is the material they were made out of. Millions of tinny little shells!

We ended our trip by touring the historical fort. We were lucky enough to catch a reenactment of them firing the cannons which my Husband quite enjoyed.

All in all it was an amazing romantic weekend filled with history, architecture, and some good southern cooking! I’m happy we finally got to cross this off the bucket list

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