Intercontinental Danang

Where Myth Meets Luxury….

Nestled into the lush hillside of Son Tra Mountain you will find a one of a kind luxury resort. From the moment you step out of your car you can feel you’ve finally made it to paradise. Walking into the grand open air lobby you instantly are surrounded by the sweet fragrance of the blooming plumeria trees. The friendly staff greet you with a refreshing welcome drink as you’re being checked in taking in the panoramic views of the sea as your backdrop.

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Getting Around

The resort is split into whimsical realms spread across four levels—Heaven, Sky, Earth, and Sea. You don’t access these levels by an ordinary elevator, that would be too obvious. Here you board a fairy tale like boat that looks as if you’re about to take off with Peter Pan straight to Never-Never Land. The boat is actually a cable car that constantly runs between all four levels, so even just going down to the pool is a adventure of its own.

 The Hotel is very large but they made getting around simple. Just call reception and ask for a buggy to take you where ever you’d like to go. Hold on tight as you ride through paradise!


 I still dream about this room, every thing about it is amazing, and the best part is the deep carved stone bath and rain fall shower that spills from the extra high ceiling creating a very dramatic effect. Most rooms are located on the Heaven level where they rightfully belong!

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Lets talk about breakfast! Let me start off by saying in all of the years I’ve been traveling Citron has THE BEST BREAKFAST BUFFET I have ever come across. They had the largest selection of freshly cut tropical fruit, from three different types of lychees to yellow watermelon, passion fruit, plums the list goes on and on. They had a wide range of american breakfast foods to a typical full English Breakfast which my husband quite enjoyed. The icing on the cake was the pastries selection. Not all chocolate croissants are created equal!! The chocolate croissants here are the best chocolate croissants I’ve ever had in my life! and if I had to guess I would say it must have something to do with the Michelin 3 star chef over at the hotels french restaurant La mansion 1888.

The perfect table set for two, with morning views that will make your heart melt!DSC04505IMG_4209IMG_4031


The sea level has two restaurants where you can have lunch or cocktails. I enjoyed munching on snacks and sipping lychee martinis from long bar while getting fanned. A perfect way to beat the heat!

From there I would mosey on down to the beach for a walk and count starfish along the way. The ocean was so cool and crisp which was a nice contrast from the heat and humidity in Danang. The hotel offers boat rides and fishing in these traditional woven bamboo basket boats.


But my favorite place to spend the day was in this little jacuzzi tub watching the sun sink into the sea as I was massaged by water jets and munched on freshly cut fruit. Theres two pools on property. The long pool is an adult only pool, very quiet and peaceful located on the top of long bar with beautiful views of the sea and the surrounding lush foliage. The second is located on the beach level adorned with shade from plumeria & palm trees.

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One of My favorite Moments was driving to this look out point just three minutes from the hotel to watch the sunrise on our last day. thinking back at all of the new memories we’ve made I already miss Vietnam and can’t wait till our next trip back to Intercontinental Danang where the service, food, views, and amenities are all 5 stars!

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