Miami Late Night Eats

One thing Miami isn’t short of is Nightlife & good food, so I’ve combined that to bring you Miami’s top late night eats.




Open from 12pm-3am

A late night spot serving up noodles, Barbecue, and beer. the chef puts a western spin on classic asian comfort dishes. It’s conveniently located in midtown so if you’ve been throwing back a few in Wynwwood this is the perfect spot to fuel up after a long night out.

La Sandwicharie


Open from 8am-5am (6am on weekends)

This was one of my favorite spots back in the day when Mansion Miami was the biggest night club on south beach. It’s tucked right behind the nightclub in an alleyway. It’s also right across the street from historic Club Duce. There ingredients are always fresh served on a crisp french baguette or croissant. MAKE SURE YOU GET THE SPECIAL SAUCE! It’s what keeps us locales coming back for more!

Big Pink


Open Sunday-Wednesday from 8am-12am Thursday from 8am-2am and Friday-Saturday from 8am-5am.

Just had a big night a Story? This is your spot. I’ve been chowing down here since i was a teen and have so many favorites on the menu. The mac and cheese at this dinner is actually the same mac and cheeses severed at its sister’s booshie restaurant prime 112 down the street, but its half the price! I really love this place for their breakfast. Just get the chicken and waffle eggs benny. Your Welcome.

Moshi Moshi


open 12pm-5am

Conveniently located on south beach come here to fuel up before or after a big night out. Who doesn’t like drunken sushi? Great atmosphere, great food, and a good selection of Asian beer.



open from 12pm-2am

Want a Cuban sandwich and some atmosphere at 1am? This is the place! Located on the historic street calle ocho (8th street). Nothing like meat, pickles, and carbs to set your stomach straight!

Momis Ramen


Open 11am – 1am

Have you ever seen the movie ramen girl? I always romanticized that ramen shop quietly glowing on a street corner in Tokyo. When I saw this shop in Brickell I got that same exact feeling. They serve fresh, high quality, daily made ramen noodles in Kettle brewed pork bone marrow Tonkotsu broth. Yumm!



open 24/7

This place is not for the faint hearted and that because it’s actually a 24hr strip club. I don’t even like categorizing this venue as a strip club because it’s more like a night club that serves really good pizza and chicken fingers. This spot has blown up in the past year so it’s not so easy to get in to, especially around 4am. If you’re cool or rich enough to get in I promise it’s an experience you’ll never forget


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