Rare & Exotic Fruit Tasting, Homestead Florida

This year on Earth day I rented a few of the 99 cent films off iTunes and one of them was “the fruit hunter” I realized all of these rare and exotic fruits were grown right in my own backyard about an hour outside of Miami in Homestead Florida.

Homestead is an area of flat vast farmland that borders the Everglades. I did some research and found the fruit and spice park which will take you on an educational tour of exotic fruit,  show you how it grows, and what it looks like. There is not much sampling going on here but it still was very informative and defiantly worth the trip.DSC04134 (1)DSC04160DSC04122After the tour I took a 15 minute ride down the road to “Robert Is Here” fruit stand to do some sampling. This place is best known for their milk shakes which were amazing but certainly not the best thing on the menu.

 The first fruit on my list was the Miracle berry. A tiny red berry that is said to transform taste buds.  Everything you eat or drink taste sweet for about 1 hour after consumption.. You can check out the video below of my taste test

The second Fruit on my list was Jack fruit not to be confused with the famous stinky fruit from southeast asian called durian. Jack fruit is a ginormous spiny skinned fruit filled with sweet pockets of meat that is said to taste like pineapple and vanilla, my immediate reaction was it tasted very similar to a banana but also something very familiar I couldn’t put my finger on, then I was told that the fruit was actually the original flavoring in Juicy Fruit Gum! It literally taste exactly the same!! even the texture was very similar to chewing gum! No complaints here, weird and delicious!DSC04214

Guanoabana is in the same family as a sugar apple but tastes a little different. The pockets of white meaty flesh are a bit slimy but the most delicious fruit I tasted all day! It tastes like pineapple cotton candy but extra sour! MUST MUST MUST TRY THIS FRUIT! Last but not least is Mamey Sapote which looks and feels very similar to a small brown cooked sweet potato. The skin will feel loose and wrinkled.  I was attracted to its vibrant red flesh and when you bite into It’s extremely soft smooth center it will win your heart. It has exactly the same consistency of cooked sweet potato but taste like pumpkin pie!!! It’s the strangest thing considering it’s a raw piece of fruit! I was extremely happy with all of the new fruits I was able to taste, and cant wait to go back later this summer when different fruit comes into season. I will keep you guys updated!




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