The house on the hill, Ibiza

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of night clubs and beaches was this rustic gem. A traditional Ibiza finca located up in the hills on an almond farm. No address, just turn left at the white rock and drive up the dirt road. Watch the rabbits scurry in the field as you drive up the hill. When the smell of earth, pine, and rosemary fills your nose you know your home.

This house was me living out my “under the Tuscan sun” fantasy. I found it online when searching for a summer home in 2010. I knew the inside was traditional Ibiza finca style but never knew what the outside was like because they didn’t post pictures, but the price was right so we grabbed it while we had the chance. We arrived at night and had no idea of the view this place had until we woke up the next morning to this. We spent three amazing summers here and still to this day I long for those nights filled with BBQ, sunsets, and stars forever in my mind.










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