The Real Looking Glass, Alice in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll met the real-life Alice (above right photo) when he stayed at this house in Cheltenham Kings for four days in the 1860s. He was visiting his friend Henry Liddell and his three daughters, one called Alice. Upstairs the house still has the 6ft by 5ft mirror, which is said to have inspired Carroll to write Through the Looking Glass

The Mirror has an elaborate border of branches and twigs, with figures of birds & animals. The looking glass was originally hung downstairs and showed a reflection of the house’s garden, almost as though one could step through the mirror into the garden and beyond. It is also said that alice’s governess (pictured below right) who was in charge of  her upbringing, education, etc was the inspiration for the Red Queen and that the chequerboard fields of looking glass land was actually Leckhampton Hill, which carol saw while on a walk with his friends.

This Historic House is across the street from my mother-in-laws Jan’s home in England. Before her house was built the land actually was once apart of this homes back garden. I was lucky enough to snag a peak at the mirror when I was in town for a visit




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