A Bar That Gets You Drunk With An Alcoholic Cloud

Alcoholic Architecture is a walk in cloud bar set on the site of an ancient monastery smack in the middle of London. So how does this cloud get you drunk? They vaporize gin and tonic turning it into an amazing breathable cloud. How drunk can you get? Being in the cloud for an hour is equal to about 1 cocktail, but don’t worry there is also a bar, and you will never guess what they are serving drinks out of…. human skulls! 

Make sure you book your ticket before hand at www.alcoholicarchitecture.com each ticket gives you an hour inside which is more than enough for most people. The bar is located on Church Street, spot the blue ropes and join the Que. Upon entering you walk down a very dark narrow stairwell into a small room… not so great for anyone who’s claustrophobic, but it defiantly sets the mood. Here is where you change into your ponchos to protect your clothing from the vapor. It’s also fun that everyone is cloaked adding to the overall theme of the bar. The first room you enter will be the bar, there is a bit of vapor in here which will help you adjust upon entering the vapor box. A misty paradise at 140% humidity and visibility is less than three feet. It’s pretty awesome! If the vapor gets two intense you can go back and forth to the bar taking brakes while switching up the way you’re getting your alcohol intake!





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