Rachels Bubble Bath, Exuma

I didn’t expect this place to be so Beautiful when I head about it. I imagined an island covered in brush and a hike to it’s center. Boy was I wrong. we pulled up and there was only two other boats, but not a person in site. It felt like your own private island! You can see a weird sort of river that we were told to follow as we swam up from the boat. The water inside it was extremely warm like a hot tub since the area was so shallow. We hung out there for a while before beginning the trail to the bubble bath. At then end of the river theres a large pool of water. Get in & wait for the cool ocean water to come crashing over the rocks rushing into the giant tide pool creating a natural whirlpool with lots of tiny bubbles hence the name Rachels Bubble Bath.

Join this excursion up with Compass Cay, swimming with the sharks. They’re right next to each other.

DSC00273IMG_4006 DSC00279   DSC00270DSC00287

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