Camping In Joshua Tree

I wasn’t planning on camping in the park during our stay, but we arrived a day early from Vegas so I decided, why not? Side note: If you ever drive from Vegas to Joshua Tree make sure you drive through the Mojave National Preserve and hike the Kelso sand dunes. We drove up in a KIA Sedona (a kick ass mini van) All of the seats folded down and it had enough space to fit a queen size bed, so we camped in the car! It was a first for the both of us. We drove into the park, picked a camping spot (plot number 118 in Jumbo Rocks) and then drove out to get supplies for the night. Andy quickly spotted a dollar store and they had everything! Food, bedding, cooking supplies, and campfire supplies. We got all the essentials and headed back to the park.DSC02427DSC02422

When we arrived back Andy cooked dinner which was soup and chips while I set up  camp in the car. We star gazed under the crescent moon until we were sleepy then hit the hay. Sleeping in the car was a good idea. It was warm & safe, but the floor was really hard. If i do it again it will defiantly be with an air-mattress.

In the morning we woke up around 6am and had our mini wheats then went on a  backcountry hike. The air was cool and crisp with the smell of damp pine. The sun shined with golden hues casting over valleys of Joshua trees. It was absolutely breathtaking.



After our hike we packed up camp, paid our fees, and headed to our hotel for what felt like the best shower ever!

DSC02469 DSC02470



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