How to survive abroad


Has to be the best travel app of 2014. You can now use it in over 56 countries get the city list here


Never worry about changing money into a different currency again! Uber uses your credit card and will charge you in your normal currency so don’t worry about international fees on your credit or debit card.

language barriers broken

Simply type in the app where you want to be picked up from and where your going. The Uber app will translate this to your driver so both of you understand where your going. The app also allows you to see the guided route the driver is taking so no need to worry about being taken advantage of in an unfamiliar city.

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Below is my actual Uber receipt for a ride from my hotel in Beijing to the great wall of china. (read about the best part of the great wall here) It was only $31.43! & the ride was 1hr 47min long. What a deal right?!?

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.08.20 PM

How the Ubber app works

Google Translate

This app came especially handy when traveling through Asia last year since I knew zero Chines, Japanese, or Thai. The key to using this app is to translate small phrases or single words.

Examples: “Hello”  “Thank you”  “Bathroom?”  “Vodka Tonic”  you know the basics…

This helped me with ordering in restaurants, communicating with drivers, and shopping.


How the app works


If your american and love to travel then this is the phone service for you! how I use all the apps shown above when traveling abroad without getting charged an arm and a leg on international roaming is With T-MOBILE’S Simple Choice Plan! Step off the plane in 120+ countries and destinations (get the list here) and you’ve got unlimited data and texting. All at no extra charge. And calls? They’re just 20 cents a minute! I was in Ghana africa last year and my phone was free! These people have you covered! If you do happen to be in one of those rare cities they don’t cover like the Bahamas they always send you a text with rates and charges for that particular area. So if you’ve got the travel bug, do yourself a favor and get this service ASAP!!!




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