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I have a long-standing relationship with American Airlines, I’ve been flying with them since I was born! My dad worked for American for 25 years as an aircraft mechanic and is now retired. I flew with AA for every family vacation which was a lot because one of the advantages of working for an airline is free air travel. Even now as a paying customer I still choose to fly with american for one simple reason. They have hands down the best reward programs for frequent fliers!

500 mile upgrades at the airportAMERICAN-AIRLINES-BOEING-777-300ER-INAUGURAL-FIRST-CLASS-2013-1

AA has to be the best reward program to get upgrades on domestic flights. I would go as far to say that i get upgraded 50% of the time I travel. Basically you can stand by for an upgrade when you check in at the airport and if there is available seats in first or business you get them! Other reward programs don’t offer this stand by program they only offer a crazy amount of miles to upgrade online before the day of your flight.

On American flights Upgrades are always complimentary for AAdvantage Executive Platinum members and upgrades are complimentary for Platinum and Gold members on flights less than 500 miles. For all flights greater than 500 miles, Platinum and Gold members can buy or use earned 500-mile upgrades for every 500 miles of travel.

Free checked baggage

this saves my husband and I a crazy amount of cash! As an executive platinum holder he get 3 bags at 70 pounds for free and as a platinum holder I get 2 bags at 50 pounds for free! Since we are always traveling for work you can imagine how much it cost to check two giant LED robots so this is a life saver!


system wide upgrades


upgrading on standby is unavailable when you’re traveling international unless you’re an executive platinum member

EP holders get eight complimentary one-way systemwide upgrades. Systemwide upgrades are available for one-way travel for up to three segments on American, American Eagle and US Airways operated flights. Just call up the AA desk after booking you flight and ask for one. If the cabin isn’t sold out you get the seat at the time of booking! How amazing is that?!?!?!

One World LoungesBritish Airways Plc

If you’re traveling internationally and are a platinum or executive platinum holder then you get complimentary access to all one world lounges for you and a guest. These lounges are a life saver!! they have showers amazing complimentary food & beverage, and some even have sleeping lounges! yes you can go take a nap while you wait for your next flight.

here are a few of my favorites

T5 BA lounge at London Heathrow

The Wing, at Hong Kong International

Iberia’s VIP Arrivals Lounge in Madrid T4 Terminal

Are you convinced yet? Ready to Enroll? CLICK HERE!

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