Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

Warner Brothers Studio Tour in England has been on my bucket list for quite sometime now. I finally got to go this summer and I was not disappointed. It’s really interesting to see all the sets from the movie and to learn whats real, and whats CGI.

You can choose a guided tour with a pair of head seats or to look around as you please. The studio is split up into 4 different sections, the great hall, indoor film sets,  outdoor film sets, and animatronics. I chose the unguided tour, and it took me about an hour and thirty minutes to get through the whole studio.

carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_harry_potter_england carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_harry_potter_englandIt was amazing to see how much detail goes into the props. Everything was hand written and made to look authentically warn.

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