Long Haul Flight Survival Guide


Travel pillow– Evolution Pillow. This travel pillow real does the job. Cozy Microfiber 360-degree support.  You get lateral stabilization to keep your head from falling sideways. It also has a pocket for a media player, and helps keeps you warm like wearing a scarf.

Eye Drops– Refresh Tears. This will restore balance and moisture to your eye which it needs from being dried out by the aircraft. I also keep a bottle of clear eyes to use before I get off the plane to help look refreshed.

Ear Plugs-Howard Leight R-01680 Leight Sleepers Pre-Shaped Foam Earplugs. These are low pressure ear plugs so they don’t hurt or itch your ear after hours of being worn which is perfect for flying.

Sleeping Mask– Blocking out the light is great way to help you sleep throughout the flight without being disturbed by food & beverage service.

Chap stick– Blistex Lip Medex Analgesic Lip Protectant. I am obsessed with this stuff. Amazing product all around.

Chewing Gum– Any brand will do. No one likes bad breath!

Tooth brush & Tooth paste– Great way to stay fresh.

Roll on perfume– Perfect for air travel because it doesn’t linger around the aircraft cabin aggravating those sitting around you. I apply this in the bathroom when I go to freshen up to be courteous of other passengers sitting around me.

Headphones-V-MODA Vibe In-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone. I’ve been wearing these for years, love them! The seal pretty much isolates most sound, and they have great grip and won’t fall out. Bonus if you fall asleep during a movie they double as awesome ear plugs.

Face Wipes- I use Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Radiant Makeup Removing Wipes. They remove dirt and oil while restoring moisture to your face. My skin is prone to rashes and breakouts, but aveeno has never irritated my skin. If I’m on a 15hr flight I at least use these twice.

Travel size Lotion– bliss lemon sage body butter. This stuff is amazing, talk about aroma therapy!

Writing Pen– essential for filling out custom forms on the plane to beat all those long lines in immigration.

Extra pair of socks- A great way to help you feel fresh before exiting the air craft.

Travel Case– I received a travel kit when flying in first on American Airlines and have used the case to put all of my travel essentials in ever since. It surprisingly holds all this stuff and has room for more.

Take a sleeping aid– Warning do not take the sleeping aid for first time while flying. Test it out at home beforehand to make sure you don’t have a weird reaction.


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