Gardens By The Bay & Marina Bay Sands

I was only in Singapore for the day after coming off a Cruise, and I had two things on my bucket list. Gardens by the Bay, & Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool. I’m sorry to inform you guys you’re only allowed in that world-famous pool if your staying as a guest in the hotel. So I opted for rooftop Sushi instead, which had the same view. There is also a viewing deck tour if that’s more your speed. The panoramic views did not disappoint. You could see the whole city including the formula 1 track that was just used a month before zigzagging its way through the streets. We also spotted a huge rain storm off in the distant which looked really intense.

The OCBS Skyway bridge

is only $5 and well worth it! head towards super-tree grove and take the lift up into the sky. Walking out onto the platform I immediately felt like I was on planet “Pandora” from the film “Avatar” beautiful nature with that modern sic-fi feeling. It was over cast when I came and still very hot. I actually wish I would have been able to come at sunset and stayed to see how the place lights up at night, but I had a flight to catch.


carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_singapore_marina_bay_sands carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_singapore_marina_bay_sands

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