Flying Around The World In 5 Days

Your modern-day Amelia Earhart.

One of the crazy things about my job is the amount of long-haul flights I have taken, but this was by far was the most I’ve ever flown in such a short period of time. You Can see my flight route below.

Miami- Las Vegas- Los angeles- Sydney- Singapore- Singapore- London- Miami

So here’s my view from above.

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_lasvegas carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_lasvegas carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_lasvegas

The Grand Canyon

Sydney, Australia


carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_australia carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_australia carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_alice_springs_ carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_australiaSingapore

carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_singapore carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_singapore

London, England UK

Miami, Florida USA

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