Valley of Fire, Nevada

This is a must do for anyone visting Las Vegas. The Valley of Fire is only a 1 hour drive from the strip! I’ve done the Grand Canyon before and this was 100 times better, way closer, and cheaper! Don’t bother going on an over priced tour. We rented a car for the day which was $45.00 and the park entrance fee was $10.00. Worth every penny! The best part about this trip is being able to drive your car inside the park to each location. Everything feels so remote but in reality its a 5 minute hike. The longest hike is to the fire wave, which is an hour hike round trip, and totally worth it!


The Bee Hives

This is the first thing you will ses when entering the park. Unusual sandstone formations eroded by wind and water which creates small nooks in the stone giving the appearance of a bee hive.



carly_moore_touring_and_exploring_las_vegas_fire_wave_valley_of_fireAtlatl Rock

outstanding examples of ancient indian petroglyphs.


Elephant Rock


Driving through Valley of Fire



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