Wangfujing Snack Street Beijing

Walking down Wangfujing shopping road you will find the enchanting entrance to the night market.

Leave your judgment at the door!

Warning this place is not for the week stomached! A cool place to look around and soak up the chines food culture. I was to much of a wimp to try any food, but i have a sensitive stomach. Don’t let that stop you! there was loads of tourist eating their way down the street. Even if you don’t want to eat any snacks this place is still a must do. Eat dinner before coming have a couple of beers and bring your camera!

There are all kinds of aromas, some worse than others. Candied Fruit, skewered alive scorpions, starfish, and potato tornados this place had it all! One of the coolest things i saw was a drink that had dry ice inside making smoke bubble over out of the top. Obviously a favorite with the kids. I spent about an hour wandering around taking photos then did some drinking and shopping on the main street of Wangfujing to cap off my night.

Night Market In Motion


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