Ladys Street Beijing

Outdoor Market

I came here to get a passport picture for my Japanese visa and had no idea how amazing this shopping area would be. You’re immediately  greeted by colorful flags and the smell of some amazing spices getting cooked up for lunch. I saw a bubble tea shop and immediately got in line and ordered the milk tea with pearls. The peals are the black dots you can see in the photo below. They are made from tapioca, I call them little treasures. You can suck them up with the extra-large straw, chewy and delicious it’s the perfect afternoon treat! There were a hand full of restaurants covering all Asian cuisine as well as a market with nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

 Indoor Market

On the right hand side of the market there is a stair case by the photo shop, go through the plastic curtain and you will enter the home and garden section. Walking into here was like walking into Narnia. There is a huge difference in air quality because the whole place is a giant green house. The front is filled with decorative home goods a couple of rows over you will find the flower and plant market. They had the biggest roses I’ve ever seen, so of course i bought the biggest brightest pinkest one i could find! In the back is the pet & aquarium section. They had everything! frogs, salamanders, bunnies, birds, fish, and even a chinchilla! Easily one of my favorite spots in Beijing. defiantly a must!


Ladys Street In Motion

The bonsai tree marks the spot!


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