The Grand Canal

We parked our car walked over to the taxi area and got in the most beautiful wooden boat. It was $70 euros but totally worth the splurge for a private boat ride to the hotel. We got a tour of the grand canal and went down some picturesque back water ways. It was about a 15 minute ride.

Piazza San Marco

Grab a bite at Cafe Florence. I had the best time here relaxing in the shade while enjoying the live music, tea, sandwiches, and the best macaroons of my life!! I also could not walk through here without getting some gelato. I was eating at least 2 mint chocolate cones a day, a perfect summer treat. That dreamy picture below of the red roofs is from up in the bell tower.  You get breathtaking panoramic views of Venice, very romantic. When we were up in the tower taking it all in the bells suddenly went off which made it the favorite part of my trip.

Basilica Cattedrale Patriarcale di San Marco

Walking in you immediately look up to the ceiling which is completely covered with bright mosaics covering an area of about 8000m. They are made from gold glass, which is gold leaf fused between two layers of glass creating a beautiful glimmering effect.

Acqua Palace Hotel

I found this hotel the night before we left on It was about $500 a night & included free breakfast and wi-fi. I preferred the quaint views of the back canals to the grand canal. Beautiful rooms & bathrooms and a very comfortable king size bed which I find is hard to come by in Europe. The hotel staff was very polite and accommodating.

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