7 Must Do’s In Seoul

Locks of Love North Seoul Tower

Take the Namsan Cable Car up to N Seoul Tower and make your love eternal by placing a lock scripted with your names and a message upon the wall but unlike Paris you don’t throw the key away. After locking-up Couples can leave their keys in the Post box of Love  and part of the revenue from the keys collected in the post box is donated to underprivileged children.

Cat Cafe

Yes its a cafe full of cats that you can cuddle and love while sipping a vanilla latte. Need i say more? If cats aren’t your cup of tea theres also a dog cafe.

Poo Bread

This is called ddong bbang. When translated means “poop bread”. It’s basically bread filled with sweetened red bean paste. A very typical Korean snack. They go  for just 1,000 won per piece. Insadong is also home to a poop themed café where you can drink coffee out of toilet shaped mugs!

Banpo Bridge Moonlight Rainbow Fountain

Banpo Brige holds a Guinness world record for longest bridge fountain. It has nearly 10,000 LED nozzles that run along both sides of the bridge which shoots out 190 tons of water per minute.

Vinyl Robot Bar

This bar in Hongdae offers cocktails-to-go in a Ziploc bag. Estimated cost: W4000-5000.

Drink Makgeolli

Makgeolli is a off-white milky rice wine very similar to nigiri sake. It’s native to Korea and Makgeolli bars are now popping up all over Seoul. At WolHyang in Hongdae they make there Makgeoli from brown rice and its 15% ABV which is double the amount of Standard Makgeolli. They also offer Makgeolli making classes on the weekends.

Go to a Traditional Korean Spa

Ask the concierge at your hotel for a spa close to you. A popular one in Seoul is Dragon Hill, they also offer sleeping accommodation. My girlfriend and i went to a bath house and got a massage i was quite skeptical when we walked into the room and had to lay down on some pink bed sheets with the lights on full wack but it was one of the best messages i’ve ever had.

Seoul In Motion

 Gangnam by Night 
 korean Eats

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