Kuala Lumpur

Petronas Twin Towers

If you only have 24hrs in KUL this is defiantly the one thing you should go and do. At the start of the tour your greeted by a hologram that gives you an introduction to you tour. (You can see it below in KUL in motion) You’re then lead into a lift that brings you to the sky bridge.  This is the bridge that connects the two towers together. You stay here for about 5 minuets then continue all the way to the top of the tower and can see panoramic views of the city. Your Ticket also interacts with a kinetics system and creates a three-dimensional picture which you can move around it’s really crazy.


Batu Caves

This is one of my favorite places I’ve been in the world. You’re immediately greeted by Lord Murugan, he is the second tallest statue of Hindu deity in the world. Climb the massive staircase of 272 steps and you will reach a chamber of three caves the biggest of them is called the cathedral cave. As soon as you enter the first chamber you’re emerged in the sound of the indian bansuri flute. Monkeys run free throughout the cave but they are wild and bite so I wouldn’t suggest petting them. There is also a dark cave walk/tour. For 45RMB you get a flash light and yellow safety hat. I literally felt like I was in an episode of the magic school bus. The tour was kinda scary but in a fun exciting way. I highly recommend it. Before leaving we got a freshly hacked open coconut to clench our thirst and then went on the journey back to the hotel.

Batu Cave

Dark Cave Tour

Jalan Alor Food Street

You can find some of the best culinary delights that Malaysia has to offer right at the sidewalks, amongst the rows and rows of hawker stalls. The stalls take up both sides of the road selling food that best represents Malaysia. This is a place for locals as well as foreigners to taste authentic dishes that they would not be able to get back home.

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