Dalmatian Coast

Island Hoping from Hvar to Split

We prearranged with a boating company in Hvar the evening before to have a skipper take us all around the dalmatian coast then anchor at split in the evening where we had our flight the next day. We paid 500 euros for the whole trip, not to bad of a deal! We started our journey heading towards the furthest point of our route which was the blue cave on Biševo Island. Leaving the port we got a beautiful view of Hvar’s picturesque red roofed village.

Blue cave

This place should be considered a wonder of the world. Park your boat at the dock & buy tickets for the blue cave. You must enter the cave in a smaller boat because the entry is this tiny hole that was created by a dynamite blast. The opening is so small you actually have to dunk down in the dingy to fit inside. It’s very dark upon entry, and then you turn a corner and see the blue light reflecting from the ocean floor cascading up the walls. Only one word to describe this place; majestic. Favorite part of the trip!

Stinvia Cove

Hidden between two enormous cliffs on vis island lies Stinvia Cove. You anchor your boat on the outside of the cliffs and dive into the cool crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea to swim ashore. The beach is made up of pebbles which are warmed by the sun. I laid upon them letting the smooth stones warm my skin while basking in the sunlight. Absolute paradise. There is a small beach hut off to the left where you can buy drinks and snacks.


Green cave

The green cave is much larger than the blue cave you can drive a 17ft boat straight into it. At different times of day light shines through the roof of the cave creating amazing streams of light underwater. These light streams reflect a green color back to the surface which is how the cave got its name.

Side Not: A lot of tourist were cliff jumping here but I’ve seen some horrific videos on Instagram of people getting horribly bruised from that so I would not recommend it.

Heading back to Split at the end of the day we were treated to one of the most beautiful sunsets that turned the whole sky and sea beautiful hues of pink. A perfect ending to a perfect day!


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