Four Seasons, Lagkawi

My husband and i came here on a whim. It’s actually the most unplanned trip I’ve ever been on. We were in KUL and had a couple of free days before our next show, so we decided to go to Krabi found a flight, packed our bags in 15 minutes, and went to the airport. Of course we were too late and missed the last flight so we asked the check in agent to put us on a flight somewhere and he picked Langkawi. Never heard of the island but took the flight anyways in the name of being spontaneous. We landed & got wi-fi at the airport. We saw there was a four seasons and booked a room straight away. Upon arrival you’re greeted by a wall of lanterns that opens up onto a beautiful pond. We lounged in chairs and sipped on complimentary  beverages as we were checked in. This piece of paradise was everything my Pinterest dreams could hope for. The facilities are very large so your taken everywhere by golf cart.

We spent the first day relaxing in the adult only pool ordering cocktails and food. The pool is split up into sections so you have your own private space while lounging in the sun. One of my favorite parts was the giant gong they have set up in each cabana, you get to hit it when you want to order something.

Rhu Sunset Bar

Later that day We went for drinks at the sunset bar on the beach and where not disappointed. We sat on the Bench Swings for 2 while enjoying fresh lychee martinis and the breathtaking view of the sun setting over the Andaman sea. This trip was so unbelievably romantic we felt like honeymooners!

The Room

Everything you would expect from the four seasons in a tropical paradise. We stayed in the Upper Melaleuca Pavilion surrounded by lush fragrant gardens. The room was very spacious with high A framed ceilings and panoramic windows. My favorite part had to be the gorgeous bathtub. It was surrounded by Moroccan shaped arches and had an overhead skylight fixture that mimicked the exact shape of the bathtub. It felt like you were soaking outdoors.

The Oriental Village

The next day we awoke with a plan to see the tigers, ride the cable cars, as well as an elephant. I know this sounds like a lot to do in one day but you can do this all in one facility called the Oriental Village. We did it in about three hours with enough time to catch a 5pm flight back to KUL.  The elephant ride came with a ticket for a free beverage at tiger tiger bar. We walked around the corner to the bar. I obviously ordered a tiger beer and watched  The tigress known as Zannah. She’s 6 years old and had her own jacuzzi tub. Zannah looked pretty content to say the least. When the clock stroke 12 we walked back over for our elephant ride. To tell you the truth it was cool to ride an elephant, but I had way more fun feeding her than going for a ride. After that it was onto the cable cars which take you high above the hills with enchanting panoramic views of Langkawi. On the way up to the sky bridge I spotted a couple of monkeys & a toucan. We stayed and admired the view for about 10 minutes then went back to the hotel and took one last quick dip in the pool before heading to the airport. This is defiantly  in my top 3 best trips! Highly recommended!

Langkawi In Motion

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